About Antiparos

A paradise on earth

One place, another world

The small island of Antiparos Greece belongs to the Cycladic Island Cluster and is southwest of Paros. It is a a small holiday paradise that is full of beautiful golden sandy beaches and blue-green crystal waters. Its characteristic whitewashed houses, narrow cobble-stone alleyways, scattered churches and bougainvillea flowers build a traditional Cycladic picture.

Antiparos is a favorite destination for families, romantics and people looking for a unique holiday getaway. Antiparos can satisfy those who desire a different kind of vacation, offering activities such as kitesurfing, trekking and cycling to isolated beaches and hills. Moreover, you can take photos of the exquisite landscape, the Cave, the Castle, and other attractions, the sunset and the flora, cruise with a fishing boat, discovering the quiet virgin sands of Despotiko island, going sightseeing to its ancient ruins and spear fishing in its waters.

Antiparos Hotel
Antiparos Hotel

A very good place to be

One of the main attractions in Antiparos is the cave on Agios Ioannis Hill, which is considered one of the most impressive caves in Europe due to its unique stalactites and stalagmites. We also suggest you take a day trip to Despotiko, a wonderful nearby islet with an enchanting sandy beach and a very interesting archaeological site.

Antiparos Island has many secluded coves and pristine beaches, where you will spend endless hours relaxing in the sun and bathing in cool waters. Some of the best beaches are Psaralyki, Agios Spiridonas, Theologos, Ai Giorgis, Glyfa, Panagia Sifneiko, Soros, Apandima and Livadia.

Along the coast there are many tavernas and restaurants where you can try local delicacies, such as rabbit stew, goat meat, zucchini balls, charcoal grilled octopus, fresh fish and tsipouro, the renowned beverage of Antiparos. In the evening, you can spend an exciting night out in one of the bars in the capital.